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Written by Barbara   
Wednesday, 05 August 2009 16:15

One of our main interests is the provisioning of integrated process lifecycle support. This is an area of research were we were actively working on for the last couple of years resulting in the ProCycle approach. The ProCycle approach allows for the modeling (see Item 1), the execution (see Items 2 & 3), and the monitoring (see Item 4) of business processes in a flexible way, while enabling process changes at both the instance and the type level. In particular, ProCycle facilitates instance changes during run-time by supporting the retention and reuse of process deviations (see Item 6 + 8). Furthermore, it allows for the automated derivation of process type changes to evolve business processes over time and to reduce cost of change (see Item 5). Regarding process type changes ProCycle not only supports the co-existence of process instances of di fferent schema versions, but also enables the migration of ongoing process instances to a new schema version as well (see Item 9). In addition to process schema evolution, ProCycle provides system support for evolving knowledge about changes over time (see Item 9 + 10). ProCycle is the first to seamlessly support the entire process life cycle.


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